Wine list

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House Selection

Merlot Bellefontaine (France): £13.95
Slightly plummy on the nose, soft and fruity with a velvety finish.

Sauvingnon Blanc Bellefontaine (France): £13.95
Refreshing, lively wine with bright citrus flavours.

Sparkling & Champagne

Mayerling Brut Cremant Rose (France): £19.95
Lovely sparkling Rose from Alsace.

Gremillet Brut N/V: £30.95
Refined, zesty single vineyard champagne.

Bollinger Special Cuvee NV (France): £59.95
A wine of elegance, balance and body, achieved by the skilful use of the reserve wines destined for use in the Cuvee.

Laurent Perrier Rosé NV (France): £74.95
This champagne is renowned for its finesse and fruity bouquet, and the salmon pink colour produced by leaving the red skins in during fermentation.

Dom Perignon NV (France): £145.00
The ultimate in quality. Huge fresh brioche flavours.

White Wine

Classic Sauvignon Blanc (Bordeaux, France): £14.95
Fullish, with excellent texture and lots of refreshing citrus fruit.

Chablis Moreau (Burgundy, France): £25.95
Elegant creamy chardonnay characteristics with a long crisp aftertaste.

Pouilly Fumé Maltaverne (Loire, France): £24.95
Aromatic slightly smokey wine with a distinctive dry crisp finish.

Sancerre Girard (Loire, France): £25.95
Full round and fragrant with elegant almond flowers.

Gewurztraminer Tradition (Alsace, France): £14.95
Delicately perfumed with refined citrus fruit flavours.

Pinot Grigio Fiorile (Italy): £15.95
Produced in the Vento, dry and smooth with a fruit bouquet.

Chardonnay Last Stand (Australia): £15.95
Creamy and mature with a trace of oak and attractive fruity length.

Sauvignon Blanc Crowded House (New Zealand): £17.95
Gooseberry and passion fruit aromas with an intense, long citrus finish.

Chenin Blanc False Bay (South Africa): £16.95
Intense and classy with delicate tropical characters.

Chardonnay Viognier Santa Isabelle (Argentina): £16.95
Good structure with elegant ripe tropical fruit.

Sauvignon Blanc Andes Peak (Chile): £15.95
Strong aromatic grapefruit flavours in an appealing crisp dry finish.

Puligny Montrachet (Burgundy, France): £49.95
A wine of distinction with classic, subtle flavours

Red and Rosé Wine

Valpolicella Classico Cesari (Italy): £15.95
Good fullish body with ripe dryish aftertaste

Chateau Haut Badon St. Emilion Grand Cru (Bordeaux, France): £21.95
Powerful, deep and silky with red berry aromas and the ultimate finesse of a Grand Cru.

Fleurie Le Garans (Burgundy, France): £25.95
A typical top Beaujolais Cru, young, fresh and fruity with deeper underlying structure.

Cotes Du Rhone Darriaud (Rhone, France): £16.95
Warm ripe damson fruit in a smooth chocolate finish.

Chateauneuf Du Pape Chante Cigale (Rhone, France): £29.95
Full and powerful Rhone wine with mature concentrated fruit.

Chiaretto Bardolino Rose Cersari (Italy): £15.95
Refreshing, well-structured medium dry Rose

Coto D’Imaz Rioja Riserva (Spain): £24.95
Highly aromatic with smooth, lightly spiced fruit, velvety oak and a touch of dryness to finish.

Shiraz Last Stand (Australia): £19.95
Concentrated warm dark fruit with a hint of pepper.

Pinotage False Bay (South Africa): £18.95
Full bodied with a luscious ripe fruity style and a dryish finish.

Malbec Santa Isabella (Argentina): £17.95
Full with rounded ripe fruit and a long plumy finish.

Merlot Andes Peak (Chile): £15.95
Ripe black cherry and plum in soft but full and fruity, slightly dry finish.

Charmes De Kirwan (Bordeaux, France): £49.95
Graceful but full beautifully balances wine from Margaux.



Dubonnet: £3.50
Martini: £2.95
Pernod: £3.50
Malibu: £3.50
Pimms: £3.50
Archers: £3.50
Bombay Sapphire: £3.50
Cinzano: £3.50


Vodka: £3.50
Brandy: £3.50
Gin: £3.50
Bacardi: £3.50
Navy Rum: £3.50
Southern Comfort: £3.50
Jack Daniels: £3.50
Martell: £4.25
Macallan: £4.25
Glenfiddich: £4.25
Teachers: £4.25
Black Label: £4.25


Tia Maria: £3.50
Amaretto: £3.50
Benedictine: £3.50
Cointreau: £3.50
Crème De Menthe: £3.50
Sambuca: £3.50
Drambuie: £3.50
Baileys: £3.50


Dows Vintage: £4.75
Taylors: £3.75


Hennessy XO: £8.95
Remy Martin: £8.95
Hennessy Parades Extra: £25.00
Hennessy Fine: £11.95


VSOP: £4.25


Cobra 660ml: £4.90
Cobra 330ml: £3.25
Kingfisher 660ml: £4.90
Kingfisher 330ml: £3.25
Tiger 330ml: £3.25

Mineral Water

Sparkling: £3.75
Still: £3.75

Mixers & All Others: £1.95