Menu – Starters

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Signature Starters

Seared Tuna Salad with Dry Chilli
Tuna together with spices, herbs, lemon grass, cucumber, a touch of Greek yoghurt and salad leaves: £4.95

Bengali-style Tilapia
Fillet of Tilapia fish marinated with carom seeds, turmeric, mango powder and pan fried: £4.95

Spice Club Barbecue Feast (for 2 persons)
A sizzling plate of masala king prawns, chargrilled salmon tikka, lamb steak, chicken tikka: £12.95
Vegetarian Option (for 1 person): £5.95

Tandoori Smoked Duck
Home smoked breast of duck, served with unique salad of red cabbage, apple, orange and sun dried tomatoes: £4.95

Lamb Jhankar
Marinated scallops of lamb stuffed with pickled mango, rolled on rice vermicelli, cooked in the tandoor for a unique taste: £4.95

Orissa Style Chilli Fried Squid
Squid with fresh herbs, ground cumin, chilli, cucumber, spring onion and a touch of Greek yoghurt: £4.95

Crab & Cod Cakes
Given the Spice Club treatment with spices and fresh herbs: £4.95

Masala Barbequed Prawns
Plump fresh water prawns marinated in a citrus blend of lemon, ajwain and green cardamom and grilled in tandoor: £6.95

Sandalwood Chicken Breast
Tandoori chunks of chicken breast in a marinade of spices and sandalwood: £4.95

South Indian Chicken & Lamb Pepper Fry
Tandoori chicken / lamb shreds, stir fired and tossed with sesame seeds, peppers and spices with puffed bread: £5.25

Lamb Rump Kebab
Tender rump lamb marinated with fresh mint, herbs, spices and cheese and tandoored to perfection. Seared on the outside and moist on the inside: £4.95

Tandoori Seared Salmon
Salmon marinated with garlic, fresh paprika and dill cooked in charcoal: £5.95

Traditional Starters

Jhinga Til Tinka
King Prawn marinated with fresh aromatic spices dipped in a batter coated with bread crumbs, sesame seeds and vermicelli; then fried: £5.95

Lamb Sheek Gilafi
Minced baby lamb rolls coated with fresh herbs and coloured peppers, the most exquisitely flavoured of all kebabs: £4.25

Murgh ka Sashlick
Breast of chicken tikka grilled with pepper, tomatoes and onions that have been marinated, skewered in the tandoor, to bring out a mouth-watering flavour: £4.25

Aloo Chana Misal
Spicy stuffed potato cakes; pan fried, served on a bed of spicy fried chickpeas, tamarind chutney and cumin raita: £3.95

Prawns and Crab Samosa
The ever popular samosa given the Spice Club treatment, this time with a twist of prawns and crab in light spices: £3.95

Onion Bhaji
World famous snack of crisp, spicy onions; deep fired in a coating of gram flour batter until golden brown: £3.25

Fish Pakoras
Delicately spiced pink salmon dipped in batter and fried. A very light, mouth-watering appetiser: £4.25

Spiced Potatoes and Garlic Mushroom
Soft and fluffy spiced potato balls with sautéed mushrooms in garlic: £4.25

King Prawn Bhuna on Puri
Prawns cooked in spices, fresh herbs, onions and tomatoes; served on a puri bread: £7.95

Paneer Tikka
Indian home-made cheese with green herbs, chilli, fresh mint filling dipped in batter and fried: £4.25